All prospective applicants can engage with Metaskills Institute in various form (Whatsapp, Call, Zoom, Walk-in, Emails) and submit their course enquiry via:

Call/Whatsapp Hotline        

+65 9690 0470 (JJ, Data Science Courses)


1) 3 Fraser Street #05-21, Duo Tower, Singapore 189352 or
2) 114 Lavender street #06-55 S338729 CT Hub 2

Course Consultation

At Metaskills, our experienced and friendly programme consultants are well trained to help you apply for the course that you are interested in and identify the right funding schemes and options available to support you in your upskilling, career conversions and progression endeavours. 

Our course consultants will typically advise you on the following either through Whatsapp, Phone, Zoom sessions and/or at our office(s) depending on your availability:-

1) Course structure and outline
2) Course duration, fees, and funding support schemes
3) Course run intake dates and entry requirements, if any
4) Course Commencement Requirement
5) Trainee Pre-requisites, if any
6) Attendance Rate and Expectation
7) Course Completion Requirement
8) Career Opportunities


All our programmes are well supported by government funding through our education partners. However, if this is the first time you are applying, it can be very daunting trying to understand all the various funding quantums and schemes such as PSEA, UTAP, SSG Skillsfuture Credits, amongst others.

To help you in your application, our consultants will guide you through the application process, which will include the forms that you will need to fill up to apply for the course and the grants that you are eligible to finance your training. 

Once the participant’s complete course application form is received, our consultants will advise on the course fees to be made. An invoice will be sent to the participant to proceed for Course Fees which is payable via PayNow or Bank Transfer to our Education Partners’ designated account (either Stag Match Pte Ltd or J3Cube Pte Ltd), depending on the course that you had signed up for.

Course Confirmation and Commencement

A welcome email will be sent to learner to confirm the Course enrolment, the Learners’ guide, and instruction attached in the welcome email for learner to attend the course according to the date and time of the course run. Learners will expect to receive an invitation for a student group-chat toward the course run class and join other classmates for learning journey. An introduction of trainer to the learners will be conducted during the first day of the class.

Attendance Taking

It is the responsibility of every individual learner to ensure their attendance is taken by the lecturer. The attendance requirement is 75% for all programmes. Attendance requirements extends to online learning hours, where applicable. Metaskills and our education partners (Stag Match Institute and/or JCube Institute) will provide periodic review of learners’ attendance and inform learners failing short of the attendance requirement. Learner(s) must review their schedule and situations to ensure minimum attendance are met. Learners are required to fulfil attendance rate of at least 75% for all SSG or e2i modules to qualify for the course completion.

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