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Algorithmic Trading | Alternative Data Monetization Techniques | Data Science | Machine Learning | Python 
Algorithmic Trading | Data Science | Machine Learning | Python | Alternative Data Monetization Techniques
Who We Are
MetaSkills Institute is a premier Digital Finance Institute in Singapore and Asia that is made up of respected and passionate practitioners and masters in the fields of digital finance such as the use of machine learning in the monetization of alternative financial markets data, algorithmic trading in forex and precious metals, amongst others.
All our trading masters and coaches have consistent and successful portfolio in the market using proprietary trading systems that we have developed to run on auto mode using machine learning, especially in deep reinforcement learning on time series analysis. Together with our research team at Metaskills Institute, we have field tested over hundreds of trading bots also known as expert advisors (EAs), with a good knowledge of the sustainable and profitable ones. We have also developed our own proprietary trading bots that can be optimally configured to generate high returns and these will be given away (complimentary to our students) and taught in our classes.
In the area of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science, our trainers have also taught for many years at renowned Universities across Postgraduate, Masters and Doctoral levels. They have also delivered corporate training for hundreds of organizations, government and private corporations and thousands of successful individuals. Many of their students have landed digital jobs at top organizations or have advanced their careers in their current roles. 
Passionate Instructors/Coaches
Our instructors are carefully selected and have more than 30 years of professional teaching experience at Corporate training, Executive Development, Masters and even Doctoral levels.  They are reputed for their passion and clarity in simplifying difficult concepts for entry level learners.
Industry Leaders
Our trainers are self-funded and successful algorithmic trading masters with very consistent, lucrative and successful portfolio in the forex and precious metals market. Instructors @ Metaskills are also industry leaders with over 8 years of practical experience in bespoke implementations of data driven strategies that delivers complex prediction and decision-making capabilities to thousands of clients and organizations
Industry recognised
Every certification is meticulously designed to ensure high industry relevancy.  Our certifications are also well supported by a network of reputable organisations with the aim of developing talents to place our students at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Testimonials Of Participants
To start with, I feel compelled to express my deep appreciation to Mr. Victor, Miss Evelyn, and the market. Mr. Victor, I cannot thank you enough for your constant guidance and support, which has been a source of inspiration and growth for me both personally and professionally. On March 10th 2023, my trades were getting a flosting loss of roughly USD$3,500, or 73% of my capital. With Victor's constant guidance, where he introduced me to the red green template and 100% non-repaint indicator (taught in ATM Level 2 ATM class), I was able to make better decisions about market direction, was finally able to close all trades, and my capital grew nearly 300% to USD$14,228. I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for the significant contributions to my growth and development in algorithmic trading.
Chan Chee Wee
Run 4 participant
I have been a trader since 2015. Attended 2 courses: 1st course no results while 2nd course I do see results but need to spend a lot of time seeing pattern (Although is just a Sunday night). To me trading is emotional, especially when you see is near to profit but never close while when it near stop loss and it closed. By joining this algo trading community, now I just wait for every Thursday to see the results, enjoy the weekend and next week start fresh again. To be a "Rich Dad" is a boring thing as you need to the same thing over and over again but is a happy boring thing.
Khoo Weiming
Run 3 participant
I started 11-13 Feb 2023 for ATM 1 and 20-22 March ATM 2. I started and traded using my 100 EA004 accounts with a 100% return after 1 month. Thanks Victor, Chris and all the seniors that allowed it to happen. If I can do it, you all can do it too. It is risk controlled and high return but only and only if after taking ATM 2 because Victor will teach all the weapons to defend your investment. It is like stardum, no missiles can get into your investment. But do it only after ATM Level 2 and understand well what Victor, Chris and other seniors teach you. I have to thank again to Victor, Chris, and other seniors who are always willing to help. Victor and the team have created a team, so even though dumb like me still can make good money. I had no forex knowledge when I started. Love you Victor, Chris, and all seniors.
Andy Liu
Run 5 participant

MSI faculty have collectively trained more than 10,000 professionals are among the most respected and passionate practitioners and leaders in the field of digital science and transformation. Their expertise provides the highest quality of instruction to learners. Faculty also teach Data Science at renowned Universities at Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral Levels and are known to be the best teachers who are patient and experienced in simplifying difficult concepts for learners to grasp easily.


Name: Dr Ke Jinghao, PhD, Finance

Expertise: Finance | Data Analytics | Data Science | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Business Intelligence | Power BI | Excel

Dr. Jinghao Ke is a distinguished professional in the fields of AI, finance, and business analytics, with a Ph.D. in Business (Finance) from Singapore Management University. Currently serving as the CEO of JCube Institute and holding various other leadership roles, Jinghao has spearheaded numerous projects across AI development, financial technology, and management consulting. His leadership extends to transformative projects in AI, including the development of educational curriculums and analytics solutions. This includes developing a proprietary digital mastery curriculum for professionals, building a recommendation system for events, predicting taxi waiting times, and deploying a business intelligence system for a large MNC.

Dr. Ke’s engagement with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce in Singapore has enriched his leadership in AI, finance, and business analytics, fostering key connections within the Vietnam business network. This collaboration highlights his adeptness in international business, leveraging these relationships to drive cross-border projects and innovation, particularly in Southeast Asia’s dynamic markets.

Dr. Ke’s academic contributions as an adjunct faculty member at Singapore Management University, coupled with a rich industry background, demonstrate a profound ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications, benefiting both businesses and students alike. Jinghao’s expertise is further highlighted by his role in founding and leading innovative enterprises and his contributions to the fintech and edutech sectors, showcasing a versatile skill set and a commitment to driving digital transformation.

Name: Dr Jack Hong, PhD, Finance

Expertise: Data Science | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Business Intelligence | Leadership

Co-founder of Research Room, an A.I. consulting and development outfit that delivers decision-making capabilities for complex use-cases, Dr. Hong specializes in developing prediction and decision engines with the use of alternative data.

Some of his notable works include omni-channel content personalization systems, manpower resource optimization using deep reinforcement learning, real estate valuation engines, and highly personalized portfolio strategies using applied artificial intelligence (AI). He is also AI Technology Consultant at Certis Group, Data Science Advisor at Vertex Holdings, advising on Human Conversational AI, Predictive Resource Allocation, Super-Intelligence in Natural Language Capabilities in Finance. He is also CEO of Integrum Global. Adjunct faculty with the Singapore Management University (SMU), and has been actively teaching undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional programmes since 2015. He is also the lead faculty for the highly acclaimed “Leading Digital Transformation” course for MBA students.

Name: Mr Victor Tan

Expertise:  Algorithmic Trading | Wealth Management | Financial Markets | Fiscal Planning | Data Science | Machine Learning

Victor used to run his own firm with more than 20 years of financial experience in sales and marketing financial products and risk management, fiscal planning for high-net-worth individuals in the greater China region. For the past 4 years, he has self -funded his other passion which is algorithmic trading in the trillion dollar forex and gold market.

Currently he has a consistent and successful portfolio in the market using proprietary trading systems that he has developed to run on auto mode using machine learning especially in deep reinforcement learning on time series analysis. He runs a lot of statistical analysis on currencies and commodities market and then writes algorithms and programs using C++ and Python.


Name: Dr Jonathan Khoo

Expertise: Data Science | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Business Intelligence

Dr Jonathan Khoo is a full-stack app developer who has successfully delivered many projects on bespoke implementations of data driven strategies that deliver complex prediction and decision-making capabilities to many large organizations.

Dr Khoo has published papers in Genetic Programming and a working paper in Energy Prediction. He obtained his Ph.D. at SMU where his dissertation thesis investigates corporate finance through the lens of social network graph analytics, where he found a statistically significant “ownership centrality” effect in firm performance.

Prior to that, he completed his Masters in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), a year after he received degrees with Highest Honors in Economics and Summa Cum Laude in Electrical Engineering. He is an alumnus of Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution.

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